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Hydraulic upedner

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  • Mold inspection table

    This is a mold Inspection Table which designed to handle molds weighing up to 6 tons with ease.  This table provides quick and convenient access to molds for maintenance, repair, cleaning, preparation for injection, or assembly during the manufacturing process.

  • Mould and Die Splitter

    Mold and die splitter with capactity 6T for Split, open and turn a die, then bring it back to the table, the manufactuere of the die splitters form China.

  • Mould Upender 5T

    The upender designed for mould turning.

    This is an machanical solution.

  • upedner

    This is a simple product to show the coil upender which is for handling the heavy load steel coil from 1-50T. The machine driving by motor with gear.

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